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Pastor Michael FryeThe year that I entered the ninth grade (it was still Junior High School then), the band director called me into his office. That usually is not the best thing for a musician, but this happened to be quite a pleasant surprise. I played the trombone, and the high school band was several trombone players short that year. Mr. Turner was the director for both bands, which practiced on the same campus. "Michael, how would you like to play for the high school marching band?"

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I vividly remembered Mr. Turner's sending me back to the fifth grade band when I was in the sixth grade because he felt that I wasn’t taking my playing seriously enough. Now he is asking me to join the "big band," the band that every musician in Kannapolis wanted to be part of. I finally got out the words, "Would I? You bet I would." He laughed and said, "Fine, I’ll see you on the football field for practice tomorrow evening."

Well, that was a problem. My father worked two jobs, one at night; my mother had never learned to drive; I lived three miles away, and there was no way I was going to get my trombone to practice on my bike. So, I walked back and forth to marching band practice with my trombone week after week.

When it came time for the first game, I donned my green and white uniform, put on my tall hat with white plume and set off for the game. The weather hadn't yet turned cool, so by the time I got a mile down the road in that winter weight uniform, I was really feeling the stress and the strain. Suddenly a car pulled over, and a couple I had never met offered me a ride to the stadium: "Can we give you a lift?" What a relief! After that, the same thing happened game after game with different people so that I never had to walk the full way to the stadium under the full weight of my uniform and trombone. I would like to think that it was that I was so impressive in my uniform that people were compelled to stop, but that wasn’t it at all.

The A. L. Brown High School Band was the community's pride and joy; people had ownership in that band and the school. I later learned that I wasn’t the only one who benefited from such generosity on game night, and our benefactors always made it clear that they would be there to cheer us and our team on. That, of course is what we think of when we speak about "team spirit." It is a team spirit, of sorts, that exists in church families, as well. Without team spirit, we would find that little could get done in the way of congregational ministry and support.

Our worship team relies on volunteer ushers, greeters, acolytes, crucifers, and worship assistants. Our education team relies on volunteers as teachers and assistants, parents who are committed to getting their children to Sunday School, and adult members who take their own education seriously. Our share team is dependent upon volunteers to provide care to those in need in our community through North Raleigh Ministries, PLM Families together, Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, The Helen Wright Center, and more. The unchurched and those seeking church homes depend upon the invitation of our members who offer a warm welcome and provide opportunities for them to become involved in congregational and community ministry. Members in crisis depend upon their church family to offer prayers, personal support, and encouragement. It is so important that we are aware of one another's needs and concerns, and that we are there for one another. Thank you for noticing when someone could use your help or a kind word; and thank you for responding positively whenever you see that you just might make a difference in someone else’s life by giving them the lift that they need.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Michael Frye

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