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Pastor Michael Frye Here we are, well into the Discipline of Lent and approaching Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem, The Week of the Passion Of Christ (Holy Week), and the exuberant celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord. All of this will happen within a relatively short period of time (a span of two weeks), but it is an important time for Christians around the world. Our hearts and minds become one as we remember our Lord's sacrifice and ultimately celebrate his victory over death and the grave.

Join us for our midweek lenten dinners and services

We talk about the forty days of Lent, but have you actually sat down and counted the days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday? There are actually 46 days. So, where do the extra six days come in? Sundays, no matter what season they fall into, are days on which we celebrate and worship the Resurrected Lord. The hymns may be more in keeping with the solemnity of the season; the lessons and sermons appropriately keep us focused on Jesus' journey to the cross; but, we are also reminded in our Creeds and in our gathering around the Lord's Table to receive the body and blood of Christ that Jesus is alive! Our Sunday worship keeps us focused upon God's amazing grace and the fact that he keeps his covenants. The Sundays in Lent are oases in the wilderness reminding us that Christ will triumph; thanks be to God!

Lenten CrossGod calls us to be a light in the midst of the darkness that can sometimes overshadow people who are struggling just to live from day to day; he calls us to be beacons of hope; and, God reminds us that he is our light and our hope when things don't always go our way. I am sure that there are things in almost everyone's life which give us reasons to be concerned, and even to be fearful. But one thing I hope we are learning in our Lenten Journey is that the power of that empty cross and empty tomb on Easter Day means victory and new life to the children of God. Now, that is a reason worth celebrating - in worship, and in daily life.

"I will exalt you, my God and king, and bless your name forever and ever." - Psalm 145:1

Blessings and Peace in Christ's Name,

Pastor Michael Frye

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